SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 28, 2015 – Event Analytics & Design (EAD) announces the launch of their new event management services company. “One of our main goals is to provide a fresh perspective on handling the information gathered during event registration and treat it as real, usable data” says Noël Williams, Founder and Managing Partner, “Then leveraging emerging technologies we want to create an innovative experience for your attendees and maximize the value of your investment.” Leveraging over 40 years combined experience in the meetings industry, EAD brings together a partnership that has worked in virtually every aspect of meetings management from back-end database and application design to customer facing branding and multimedia production. “We’re cultivating a culture with a solutions oriented process and where innovative development is championed” said co-founder Mark K. Stutes. “We are always looking for the better way to get things done, any process can always be improved upon” adds Ms. Williams.

The two partners agree that leveraging technology to solve common issues is key. “Back when everyone was still using fax machines and folders, we started using desktop database applications to cut the registration busy work and reduce errors.” says Ms. Williams. Mr. Stutes adds “We had registration information loading into PalmPilot calendars and contacts when smartphones were still called ‘PDAs’.” EAD offers end-to-end event management solutions with services including attendee management, data analytics and reporting as well as website, communications and collateral design and production. EAD also offers full event planning and production services by engaging and managing valued industry partners.