Our Founders: Mark Stutes


Owner and CEO of Video Illusions, Inc., a conglomerate of creative companies including marketing, multimedia, production, event management, and Internet programming services, Mark K. Stutes is a leading small business expert who has drawn from over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is a sought-after project manager, designer, visionary and consultant.

In 1996, Mr. Stutes was a founding partner of Video Illusions, an all-digital corporate video production company which he molded into website design and online application development when the Internet’s popularity increased. This shift garnered the company incredible growth generated from clients including 3Com and Palm Handheld for which they built dynamic and data driven sites. Due to its growing success, the company was incorporated in 2001 and focused on all aspects of web production including overall site design, user experience, SEO and data integration. Stutes diversified his company’s breadth of expertise and branched into burgeoning areas of brand development and back to his roots with both live and video production, resulting in a client roster which today includes major corporations such as Fortune 50 financial institutions, Hollywood studios, large industrial companies, and many more.

As a public speaker, Mark shares his knowledge and experience with talks like “Getting to Yes”, an examination of his solutions-oriented approach to business that has been the key to his success, and “R.O.I. vs Your E.G.O.” where he explores getting the most out of your employees, partners and vendors.

Using his technology expertise, he has implemented live streaming at some of his largest clients doing analytics work, virtual townhalls and meetings, and interactive events.