Our Founders: Noël Williams


Noël Williams is a registration software and data management expert. Managing large projects for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, Ms. Williams is a respected and sought after leader in the industry. Her focus is attendee management, process automation, online technologies and application development. In 1996, Williams was a founding partner of Video Illusions where they developed online attendee management applications for both 3Com and Palm Handheld. In 2001, she left Video Illusions to pursue a career in meetings and events, joining the events team of a top financial institution in 2002. With a mandate to move the attendee management process online, she managed the development of a proprietary online attendee management application (engaging Video Illusions) and built a team of dedicated attendee management specialist. From 2010-2014 she managed an online event management vendor handling the management of the data and logistics of a multi-million dollar meetings and events program. Her focus was on process improvement, information security, accessibility and compliance. She led a team concentrating on technology solutions and process modeling for the development of an enterprise Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP). It is all about the never-ending pursuit of the better more efficient process.